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Affordable Homeowner’s Insurance: Is it

Affordable Homeowner’s Insurance: Is it obtainable?

It certainly is! While doing my morning news reading, I came upon this little gem of an article that can benefit either current homeowner’s or new buyer’s. Make sure your client is taken care of when they are purchasing a home. Spending too much money on items they can obtain for less will make you a better real estate agent. That is what I strive on doing for my current and potential clients. You can read the article here!

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The housing market is getting better and

The housing market is getting better and better every day. With prices slowly on the rise, there has been a higher demand in our local communities now than there was a few months back.

Once you find the home of your dreams, or the investment property you knew you wanted, what do you do if you need repairs done? How much should you spend? How much will it actually cost you on top of your closing costs and previous inspections?

These are common questions for not only investor buyers, but buyers of all types. After doing some research on the subject, I came across this fantastic video on MSN Real Estate News. Check it out!

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